This is in regards to the Sept. 19 article, “LePage cartoon baffles principals” by Eric Russell of the Portland Press Herald.

I try to refrain from giving my opinion in a letter to “Reader’s Opinions,” because everyone has one, and somebody always has to critique or rebut what someone wrote. It becomes a contest of right versus wrong, and, not being motivated toward confrontation, it is with some reluctance that I respond.

I have been appalled, however, by the insensitive manner in which Gov. Paul LePage continues to criticize the educational community of this state. More specifically, the cartoon, which was sent to the state’s high school principals, shows two students indicating their educational intentions after graduating from high school.

One plans to go to a trade school and the other to a more expensive four-year school to acquire a liberal arts degree.

Below the cartoon, our “illustrious” governor writes: “We can do better and need to do better!”

Better than what? These educators continue to do the very best they can, with the resources they receive. And about those resources; every year the government contributes less to school districts yet continues to expect not only more, but better results.

LePage’s second sentence really must have seemed as a slap in the face: “Let’s put our students first.”

When have students not been put first?

Once again, it appears the only time the governor takes his foot out of his mouth is to insert the other.

By the way, since you were obviously able to read this, thank an educator, not a governor.

Ron Mc Dougal


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