The Kennebec Valley Council of Governments has organized three household hazardous waste and unwanted medications drop off events. All events will run 9 a.m.-noon.

Participants must preregister with their town office. Any fees should be paid at the appropriate town office, cash only at the event; no checks.

Two events are set for Saturday, Oct. 6.

Skowhegan Recycling Center, Steward Hill Road, is open for residents of Skowhegan, Solon, Anson, Bingham, Canaan and Madison.

Pittsfield Recycling Center, 601 Peltoma Ave. is open for residents of Pittsfield, Troy, Unity and Palmyra.

Town office contact information: Anson, Carol Ryan, 696-3979; Canaan, 399-8454; Madison, 696-3971 or Mary Tomlinson, 696-3143; Skowhegan, Randy Gray or Nicole Martin, 474-6904; Solon, Sarah Davis, 643-2541 (first unit is free, $15 for the second); Bingham Regional Transfer Station, Steve Steward, 672 5519; Pittsfield Transfer/Recycling Center, Don Chute, 487-3361; Palmyra, Diane Abbott Cookson, 938-4871; Unity, Susan Lombard, 948-3763; and Troy, 948-2283.

The Winslow Public Works, 135 Halifax St., will be open for this purpose Saturday, Oct. 20, at for residents of Belgrade, Benton, China, Clinton, Fairfield, Oakland, Sidney, Waterville, Winslow and Vassalboro.

Town office contact information: Belgrade, 495-2258; Benton, 453-7191; China Transfer Station, Elwin Higgins, 445-3033; Clinton Transfer Station, Gerald Howard, 426-8187; Fairfield, Tracey Stevens, 453-7346; Oakland Town Office, 465-7357 or transfer station, 465-4732; Sidney, 547-3340; Waterville Public works, 680-4744; Winslow, 872-2776; and Vassalboro Transfer Station, George Hamer, 923-3051.

Participating towns have hired Environmental Projects to process and dispose of Household Hazardous Waste from residents. These items include: old oil-based paint, gas, motor oil, pesticides, cleaners, pool chemicals, TVs, computers and other difficult-to-get-rid-of materials that could harm people and pets.

KVCOG, in partnership with Redington Fairview hospital will concurrently host its annual unwanted pharmaceutical collection with the goal of keeping these medications out of the water table, lakes and rivers, and also out homes where they can lead to accidental poisoning or abuse.

All hazardous materials are disposed of by a licensed vendor

What not to bring:

Asbestos: call Maine Department of Environmental Protection at 1-800-452-1942.

Commercial or Industrial Waste: Call Maine Department of Environmental Protection, 800-452-1942.

Fireworks, explosives and ammunition: call the State Police at 800-452-4664.

Infectious and biological waste: call your local hospital for instruction on how to dispose.

Latex (water based) paint: dry the materials by opening the lid or place kitty litter in the container, then dispose with regular trash once it is completely dry.

Fluorescent lights, CFLs, car batteries, PCB ballasts, thermometers and thermostat’s. These items can be recycled through the local transfer station.

Medicines from residential care facilities and group homes will not be accepted.

If your community is not listed above check with your Town Office.

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