“It’s remarkable to see national Democrats now spending money in a state where they refuse to even endorse their own nominee,” said Rob Jesmer, executive director for the NRSC. “Now that they are spending almost a half-million dollars in Maine, the DSCC should make clear who they are supporting — the Democratic nominee or the candidate that the state Democratic Party Chairman said today cannot be trusted.”

Jesmer’s reference was to Maine Democratic Party Chairman Ben Grant, who wrote an op-ed that appeared in Friday’s Portland Press Herald that hit back against suggestions that Dill should bow out of the race. Dill has also publicly criticized the DSCC for not doing more to support her candidacy.

Grant criticized the effectiveness of King’s campaign, his nebulous policy platform and his unwillingness to say which party he would caucus with if elected.

“So, when I — and many Democrats — look at Eliot Cutler or Angus King, we have to decide if they share enough of our values to make them a better alternative to the Republicans,” Grant wrote.

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