I strongly oppose releasing 16 forensic patients from Riverview hospital; eight to 14 Glenridge Drive and eight to 22-24 Green St.

Why weren’t the residents of these two neighborhoods notified about their release? I had to read about it in the paper.

The people at Riverview want these people to be able to collect disability benefits.

What about our safety and our children’s safety? I live one street over from Glenridge, and I am furious about this.

Do people remember when one of the forensic patients from the Augusta Mental Health Institute (now Riverview) killed Sharon Taylor, a young girl from Fifth Avenue, some years ago.

She was just birdwatching across the street from AMHI.

Why was her killer allowed outside the hospital, and where is he now? Is he one of these 16 being released?What can anyone do to stop this from happening?

Margaret B. Davis


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