As the owner of Peachey Builders in Augusta, I know House candidate and Realtor Matt Pouliot, both personally and professionally.

I can think of no better person to represent us in the Legislature.

Matt is positive, energetic, and full of creative, new ideas in his work. I know he will bring the same strengths to the State House.

We need people like Pouliot, who understand how business works, both for owners and employees. He will be a strong voice for anyone looking for a job, trying to keep one or trying to create new ones.

He is a reasonable young man who works to solve problems and always has been straightforward and honest in his dealings with me.

It’s time for some new faces in politics, and Pouliot is exactly the change we need. I urge others to join me in voting for Pouliot, Republican candidate for District 57, Augusta.

Gary Peachey


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