We’re voting for Democrats Karen Kusiak and David Schwanke and urge others in Fairfield, Rome and Smithfield to do so.

We hoped for better from our current legislators, but they chose to do the rubber-stamp dance with the governor. Most Republicans did the same. The corrective is a Democratic House and Senate.

Candidates Kusiak, House District 84, and Schwanke, Senate District 26, are not beholden to the corporate interests whose interests our current representative and senator advance so faithfully.

Augusta is overrun by corporate lobbyists, we don’t get to vote on. We can’t afford to keep them in the House and Senate as well. Vote them out.

Maine will be better served if we elect people whose sole devotion is to their communities and to good government. Kusiak and Schwanke are such folks. We’ve met them. We respect them. They’ll help bring integrity and common sense to Augusta.

Richard Flanagan

Susan Amelia Allein


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