Republican Roger Katz is one of my best and most cherished friends.

It has been my pleasure to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him during his bid for mayor of Augusta, his initial Maine Senate campaign in 2010 and, now and then, at the Calumet Club bar.

I believe he’ll prevail in the District 24 Senate race with or without this endorsement. His leadership skills and limitless patience working with others is remarkable, unparalleled and truly “a breath of fresh air.”

Like many of our elected leaders today, I’m not cut out for leadership.

I’ve no patience with nonsense, and my wife says I’ve got a potty mouth. Some might say I’m tenacious and imaginative. It’s exhilarating to imagine the role my friend will play toward advancing Maine’s image and shaping its future.

Katz has all of Angus King’s moxie — and a bag of chips.

Buddy Doyle


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