Normally I vote Democratic. This year, I am voting for Angus King for at least three compelling reasons.

* King was a very good governor by all accounts (except those recently fabricated in negative ads on TV). His experience in finding compromise solutions to complex problems is needed in Washington.

* It is time for a moderate, not a partisan, to represent us. Most Mainers are middle-of-the-road people, alienated by party extremes.

* I fear that we may have another three-way split in the vote, like the one that made Paul LePage our current governor. Let’s not allow that to happen again. Big money TV ads from out of state are trying to divide us, to make us believe the lies and half-truths they concoct and to forget the facts we know.

Let Mainers decide what’s best for us. Let’s elect Angus King.

John C. Ward


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