I heard that Obama/Biden signs are all over the place in Jay.

Quite a few union members live in Jay, but some of those union members also are parishioners of St. Rose of Lima Church and other churches in the area.

Recently, the film “2016” (Obama’s America) was shown at the theater in Farmington. This film was co-produced by Dnesh Dzouza, an articulate Indian American, whom I have followed on book-tv C-Span. This film cemented for me, my conviction that Barack Obama indeed is reliving the marxist influence of his mother.

Along with many Catholic bishops, I believe that Obama is battling the Catholic Church and Christianity in general. He would not embrace the Day of Prayer, but he did celebrate Ramadan in the White House.

Don’t voters love their church more than their political party? Shouldn’t they love their church first? What do they think will happen to their church if Obama has his way?

The Health and Human Services mandate demanded that Catholic institutions pay for contraception. I believe this mandate intruded where the government had no right to intrude.

The same goes for homosexual adoption. By threats and intimidation, the Obama administration forced the Catholic Church to embrace same-sex families or it was forced out of adoption in some states.

Unless we stand up to Obama, we will lose our church. Our Lord is proud that the Catholic Church stands as tall as she does when it comes to Judeo-Christian moral laws. We should vote first for our faith, and not our political party.

Elaine Graham


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