I am deeply concerned about what’s happening in our country. Have we no concern for each other? Where is the love? Or have we hardened our hearts to be disconcerned about those in need.

It seems it’s all about Republicans and Democrats, and not what is good for the people as a whole.

No one seems to really listen. We need people who can keep their minds open and not be so stuck in their own ways of thinking as to be dangerous.

Our governor cuts programs that will affect those who have less, in order to cut expenses. Raising taxes for the rich would be a step in the right direction. That would pay a lot of our bills, wouldn’t it?

It’s difficult to do this when either sides are not really talking and listening to one another.

The churches have been involved in politics as well, making us feel that it is not right for us to vote for the party that allows a woman to have an abortion. It’s not my position to judge anyone. We don’t know what she is going through to make such a decision.


Religion and politics should stay separate. Just look at the Middle East. Isn’t this what we are fighting? That’s what happens when religion controls at the top.

Furthermore, some of us are not for abortion, but are quick and ready to go to war. We can’t have it both ways. That’s why it’s so imperative to do everything humanly possible through negotiations before we go into any war. There is no turning back. You’re either for life or not.

Keeping it simple with good common sense will win in the long run. Above all, not being straight Democrat nor Republican, but using our heads for the betterment of all.

Rena Michaud


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