In March 2011, Angus King wrote in the Bowdoin Daily Sun an article, “Capitalism and its Discontents,” and defined himself as a “thoroughgoing capitalist.”

He credited the capitalistic system for his early business success. King, the independent candidate for the U.S. Senate, tells how he risked everything for an idea, but the possibility of a big financial reward made him take a chance.

In 2009, King submitted his original Highland Wind application to the Land Use Regulation Commission for his Somerset County project. The Project Cost and Financial Capacity section states that the company expected to receive $70 million from the U.S. treasury toward the project cost.

There is nothing illegal about King’s seeking public money for his projects.

He tells us, however, that he is a capitalist willing to risk everything to make a big score.

Yet, when it comes to wind development he would have run to Uncle Sam eagerly for tens of millions of dollars so his project could be successful.

Norman Kalloch

Carrying Place Town Twp.

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