One of the latest ads by the president attacking Mitt Romney has excerpts from a speech Romney gave detailing the 47 percent of the public that he is not concerned about and whose votes he cannot win.

The reason for his assessment is that those 47 percent receive some sort of government benefit, are dependent on the government and effectively would not vote against their best interest.

What Romney won’t say, but I will, is that he is correct. If that number ever goes over 50 percent, this country will truly become a welfare state.

In my everyday life interacting with people, I see able-bodied citizens tell me they receive disability payments because of some ailment, mental or physical.

They can spend time on Facebook, walk, talk and sit still for hours at a time, but they can’t hold a job as a telemarketer, customer service rep, burger flipper, eBay entrepreneur or whatever position this country may offer them.

Why is that? I believe it is because they don’t want to.

When I was a teen, I probably had ADD; I still see the effects today, but it did not stop me.

I’m a retired major and hold a license as a registered nurse. My latest Social Security statement said I qualified for disability benefits of about $1,200 per month. Wow, half my salary to sit at home and spend time on Facebook.

If the president is re-elected, I think I will become a taker and let those of you who work and support the president take care of me for awhile.

Albert Dow


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