I’d like to write about something that has gone unnoticed because of all the national and local politics going on.

Listening to the radio on Saturday morning, I heard a show that must have broken everybody’s heart. The subject was how many poor and elderly people in Maine forgo their medication — and sometimes food — to feed their pets.

One woman who was interviewed was living homeless in her car, but still took care of her pet.

To most Americans, pets are family. All of us who are fortunate to be working or well enough off should find out what we can do to eliminate this awful degrading problem for not only our needy pets but also those altruistic people who put their pets before themselves.

USA Today had a full-page expose about the Humane Society of the United States. It said the CEO earns more than $1 million and the retirement fund has more than $11 million. I wonder how many employees it has? It allocates just 1 percent of the money it collects through those ads that bring us to tears. In reality it’s all about getting our money in their coffers; just 1 percent to animals? No wonder it can afford to pay those actors to make us cry and send them $30 per month.

My wife came up with the idea to donate our home after we pass to our local humane society, where we will know the money will go to pets locally.

People know I am a champion for the poor and the elderly and, yes, for pets both big and small. I urge people to drop off a can or more of dog or cat or any animal food to their local animal shelter.

Frank Slason


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