Paul LePage was regrettably elected governor by just 38 percent of our people, while 62 percent of us split our vote between the Democrat and independent candidates.

The same thing could happen again this year in the U.S. Senate race. We’ve all seen the flood of TV ads sponsored by out-of-state interests. These ads are designed to split the vote, and allow Republican Charlie Summers to sneak in.

Although Democrat Cynthia Dill is a worthy candidate, she has no chance of winning this three-way contest, so a vote for her is wasted.

Independent candidate Angus King is someone who is not beholden to Harry Reid or Mitch McConnell. Someone who stands a good chance to actually re-introduce some bipartisanship to our gridlocked Senate.

Let’s unite behind King and vote for him to be our next senator.

Frank Ridley


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