I recently received a slick, glossy, campaign flier in the mail produced by the Maine Republican Party. It outlines the online gaming activities of Colleen Lachowicz, the Democrat who is running for state Senate District 25. The Maine Republican Party seems to think that there is a story here.

I think there is a different, bigger story. By dredging details from a private citizen’s completely legal leisure activities in an attempt at character assassination, the Maine Republican Party has stooped to a low point of ethical behavior. This is more than a little creepy; it is wrong, and it is insulting to the voters.

In a local election, candidates and their parties ought to debate issues of importance to the people who will be represented. Instead, the Maine Republican Party is spending its time, energy and resources trying to sway the minds of voters based on the recreational activities of the opponent. That is reprehensible.

What will they do next? Will they spy on books signed out at the library, videos rented, and websites visited? Big Brother is watching, and now he’s a Republican.

The Republican candidate, Thomas Martin, should speak out publicly against this unethical tactic. If he doesn’t, and at this writing, he has not, he is complicit in this unacceptable behavior.

Jim Cook


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