I’ve read a number of letters where people have shared their reasons for supporting Matt Pouliot, Republican candidate for House District 57.

Whether it’s because of his leadership in the community, or his ability to listen and find compromise, everyone has their reasons for supporting Pouliot. I’d like to weigh in and share mine.

As board chairwoman of the KV Chamber of Commerce, I’ve seen Pouliot at many Chamber events and have been impressed by his personal integrity and enthusiasm.

As a business owner, I can attest to Pouliot’s commitment to supporting Maine’s business community and his perseverance when it comes to attracting new markets. We need representatives in Augusta who will raise strong voices in the Legislature on behalf of business and of working families. As a small business owner himself, Pouliot has the experience and talent that will make him a valued voice at the State House.

Cathy DeMerchant


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