Rep. Jeff McCabe, D-District 85, is a family man and avid outdoorsman, an independent thinker, problem solver, hard working and proven leader.

For the last 12 summers, I have employed McCabe to guide hundreds of people down Maine’s rivers and more. McCabe does whatever job needs to get done. He never asks someone to do a task he is not willing to help or do himself.

He understands our natural resources-based tourism industry and knows the challenges we face. I know that sending him back to Augusta will help not only the people and businesses of Skowhegan, but also the people and businesses statewide.

McCabe is just the type of problem solver we need in Augusta. He has worked with the rafting industry to help outfitters of all sizes with regulatory issues that have burdened business.

McCabe took on the issue and facilitated positive change for Maine businesses.

Jim Murton


North Country Rivers

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