As a former Fairfield councilor, I am proud to have contributed to the concept of accountability in government vs. “blind” cuts.

As much as government leadership needs to be accountable, so do voters. Voters need to take a hard look at whose actions, in addition to the federal government, negatively affect our households and our state.

In Maine, we have experienced a governor who rejects accountability and forces cuts, shirking his responsibility. The state has far greater ability to raise revenue, which includes adding minimal costs to tourists, or the sales tax. When the governor and his blind followers chose to shirk that responsibility, they unfairly passed the costs to property owners in Maine, because property owners are the only revenue source for municipalities.

Every property owner, including those in Fairfield, now pays more, including seniors on fixed incomes and the unemployed.

I am asking voters to join with me and change the direction of Augusta by restoring balance to our state government. I will vote against incumbent representatives and senators who sided with the governor against the best interests of their constituents.

While Fairfield suffered drastic reductions to the state share of school funding, our representatives voted to support those cuts and save favor of the governor.


I am voting for new faces and sending the message, “Do not forget who you are supposed to represent.”

Our governor has insulted and bullied every group of Mainers. His actions have disgraced average Mainers who just work hard, support families and pay taxes.

Break up his mob of support by voting against representatives who support him and his nonsense, with disregard for what Mainers and residents of Fairfield need. Vote for challengers in this election and restore balance to Augusta.


Ernie Canelli III


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