The last time I ran into Rep. Sharon Treat, D-District 79, I was at the end of a one-mile dirt road in Farmingdale.

I see her quite often as she makes herself available to the public. She meets with the people in my building at least once a year. She solicits opinions from the people by making her address, numbers and email addresses well known.

She is determined and focused, and an accomplished researcher. As a lifelong independent registered voter, I unequivocally support Treat as our continuing representative for Hallowell, Farmingdale and West Gardiner. I particularly admire her efforts to provide access to medicine for all.

In this unhappy political environment, I also support David Bustin, Democratic candidate for Senate District 21. It is no small task to work in a leadership capacity forcefully but with compassion and educated courtesy. Both of these people exhibit those traits.

Deborah Caldwell


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