A vote for Cynthia Dill, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, just takes away a vote from independent Angus King. If the liberal and moderate votes get split, Republican Charlie Summers becomes our next U.S. senator.

We can count on Summers to vote against Obamacare, same-sex marriage, reducing middle class taxes and women’s right to make their own reproductive decisions.

If it’s OK for many people not to have health care, have health care costs continue to skyrocket, deny rights to a minority group, give the rich a free ride and make the middle class pay for it and force women to bring every pregnancy to term while denying women access to contraception, then vote for Dill.

Dill does not support any of the above, but Summers does. I ask voters to compare King, with all his faults, to his electable opponent, Summers. The choice is ours.

Tom Waddell


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