On Oct. 5, the Labor Department reported that employers had added 114,000 new jobs in September and unemployment is down to 7.8 percent, the lowest since President Barack Obama took office.

This information should go a long way toward wiping off the idiotic smile that Nit Wit Mitt Romney displayed throughout the first debate as he told lie after lie.

He even promised to introduce “new” laws that are already on the books and take credit for them.

Then there is Lyin’ Paul Ryan. That guy is a twister of facts par excellence. I am almost ready to believe he was employed in a pretzel factory for a while but lost the job because he did not use enough salt.

If this information does not do the job of exposing this pair for what they are, then Obama should hit Romney with his 47 percent population degradation, again and again.

Robert W. Vitolo


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