The Republican Party recently paid for a negative mailing on behalf of Patsy Crockett’s opponent in the District 57 House race, accusing her of voting to raise taxes.

What the mailer didn’t tell us is that this vote for the revenue-neutral tax reform bill would have lowered the income tax for 88 percent of Mainers and spurred economic development. The bill also contained a reform that Crockett, a Democrat, inserted to make it easier for Mainers eligible for the Property Tax Circuit Breaker to apply for it by making it a part of the Maine Income Tax form.

The Wall Street Journal called the tax reform bill that Crockett voted for “the Maine Miracle.” Economists had urged these changes for decades, but special interests that Crockett’s opponent, Republican Matt Pouliot, represents mounted a campaign against it and killed it. Who will he represent if elected?

Dale McCormick


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