I want the election to be over! I’m tired of negative campaign ads and political signs.

That being said, I do enjoy Rep. Jeff McCabe’s hand-painted signs on recycled wood made by volunteers. They showcase his Yankee thriftiness and offer positive messages that highlight his support for the outdoors, education and agriculture.

I was surprised to learn that his opponent’s enormous black and red signs were paid for by members of the Canaan Republican Town Committee, apparently a move that gets around spending limits set by the Maine Ethics Commission.

Isn’t it strange that an outside group would try to influence District 85 voters?

I support McCabe, the Democratic candidate, because of his moderate and thoughtful approach. He pushes for an open and transparent public process. With McCabe in Augusta, we can trust that nothing will be rubberstamped and no back-room deals will be made.

Patricia Horine


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