Rep. Susan Morissette, Republican candidate for House District 54, offers a proven record of hard work as she seeks a second term to the Legislature.

Morissette’s vast experience, including her service on the Women’s Advisory Council, combating domestic violence, being a former educator, consultant and small business owner, gives her credibility in making decisions.

Morissette’s record also shows that she has consistently stood up for the needs of the middle class.

On April 11, an article in the Morning Sentinel, “Winslow Council Steadies Tax Rate,” reported the town council voted 6-1 not to raise taxes.

Morissette’s opponent, Cathy Nadeau, was the lone town councilor who voted to raise Winslow taxes.

With this stagnant economy, soaring unemployment, high food and gas prices, we need to keep Morissette as our representative. She has my vote.

Gigi Prindiville


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