As a property and business owner in Augusta, I’m pleased to support Republican Sen. Roger Katz in his re-election campaign for Senate District 24 representing Augusta, China, Oakland, Sidney and Vassalboro.

He demonstrates his concerns for both workers and businesses facing increasing property taxes, energy cost and health insurance premiums.

Katz has the knowledge, experience and determination to continue supporting and sponsoring legislation to bring improvements while reducing both the cost of living and cost of doing business in Maine.

I want workers and small businesses to be given a chance to survive in this lackluster economy and hopefully thrive when the economy improves. Without improving the business climate, however, we can expect fewer jobs and fewer businesses capable of making ends meet, while discouraging entrepreneurs from considering start-up businesses.

Katz deserves our support to continue working reasonable solutions to issues begging for resolutions.

Roger LaJeunesse


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