Romney declines kids special

Nickelodeon says Mitt Romney skipped the chance to take part in a “Kids Pick the President” special that includes his opponent.

The children’s TV channel said last week that the Republican presidential contender declined be involved in the special, while President Obama participated.

The program includes videotaped questions for the candidates from children nationwide. Afterward, viewers can vote for their pick.

Linda Ellerbee, the show’s host and producer, said candidates show “respect for kids” by answering their questions, and she called Romney’s decision disappointing.

The Romney campaign did not immediately respond to phone and email requests for comment.

In the Nickelodeon special, Obama is asked about issues including jobs, immigration and bullying. It debuts Monday.

They’d rather see Obama cha-cha

“Who would you rather see as a contestant on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?”

The Washington Post-ABC News poll asked just that in a recent national survey. The results: Fifty-one percent chose President Obama, while 26 percent picked Mitt Romney. Eleven percent didn’t want to see either candidate get his dance on.

Even Republicans would prefer Obama on stage, by 44 percent to 33 percent. It could be a compliment — or perhaps a wish for what they would like Obama to do in January instead of beginning a second term.


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