After reading a few articles about the move of patients from the confines of Riverview Psychiatric Hospital to residential homes, I now realize that the state is more concerned with financial issues than people’s well-being.

The state wants the patients to receive benefits from the government, and the only way they can do that appears to be to get them out of a state-run facility.

It’s time that citizens speak up and say enough to financial issues and give more support to people’s safety. It takes only a minute for harm to occur to innocent folks, and no police force could get to that location quick enough to prevent a tragedy.

On another note, how is it possible that folks in Maine are going hungry?

Parents of infants who qualify can receive the WIC program; every school-age child who qualifies can have a free lunch, and most schools offer free breakfasts; adults of all ages can go to soup kitchens or church-run meal programs. That accounts to at least two good meals a day.

Food stamp programs are being abused by many; they often are traded or sold. With that said, let’s have the recipients that receive these show a photo ID, or do a fingerprint like many banks require. That way a lot of fraud would cease.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize something needs to change so everyone gets a fair deal and much abuse of the system will stop.

Debbie Sherman


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