If voters liked what George W. Bush did to this country — allowing the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to occur, starting a totally unnecessary war in Iraq while allowing the war in Afghanistan to falter, turning a budget surplus into a deficit and causing the country to experience the Great Recession (from which we are only now recovering) — by all means they should vote for Mitt Romney.

If they like “buying a pig in a poke,” they should vote for Romney.

If they like a candidate whose positions have been all over the map during his career, they should vote for Romney.

If they want a president who already has dismissed almost half of the U.S. population as victims and irresponsible, and who will support only the wealthy and powerful, they should vote for Romney.

If, of the other hand, voters want a president who supports the middle class, those of us who earn less than $100,000 or so (not the $250,000 Romney talks about), they should vote for Barack Obama.

If they want a president who is getting this country back on its economic feet following the destruction caused by George W. Bush and the Republican party, they should vote for Obama.

The choice this election is stark. Don’t be duped by Romney and the Republicans.

Vote Democratic. Re-elect Obama.

Bruce A. Letsch


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