On Oct. 13, I opened the newspaper to find a political advertisement, “An Open Letter — Politics of Personal Destruction” paid for by the Committee to Elect Dave Rollins.

The ad chastises city council members for putting up signs for Rollins’ opponent, Harold Elliott.

It calls this practice “a blatant attempt by some city council members to gain majority voting control,” as if this were shocking.

Rollins might think about why other councilors are so passionate about replacing him that they would help his opponent by putting up yard signs.

The ad also talks about the “politics of personal destruction.” Since when do yard signs equal the “politics of personal destruction”?

Elections are all about choice. We need councilors who will listen to residents when we have a problem, not take out political ads that disparage other councilors or constituents who may have an opponent’s sign (gasp!) in their yard.

Louise Harwood


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