I thought it inappropriate and even degrading when I saw Sen. Charles Schumer of New York marching in a homosexual parade.

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has done the same thing.

I conclude these people, whether Jew or Christian, ignore the moral laws of their great faiths. On Oct.11, former Gov. John Baldacci added his name to this list of defenders of unnatural marriage.

Baldacci (Maine Compass, “In the debate about same-sex marriage, civil unions fall short”) says his faith is important to him, but I believe he thumbs his nose at his faith.

Our president, Barack Obama, has said “homosexual relationships are as admirable as man/woman relationships.”

Think of the millennia of faith teachings that this statement negates. Think of this proclamation being given to our children by a politician who derides critical moral laws of our faith.

There is entirely too much negativity in our culture deriding our Judeo/Christian faith. Our children need to know that their Holy Book has huge credibility and that mere men (especially politicians) have no right to deride it.

Finally, in the same newspaper, Lewis and Barbara Bell of Palmyra decry the fall out if same-sex marriage is approved: homosexual wedding announcements, growing homosexual images in TV and movies, a new perverse family image in our children’s textbooks and all kinds of lawsuits against Christians who say no to this perversity.

Elaine B. Graham


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