As a former attorney general of Maine, I want to share my reasons for voting for Maeghan Maloney, Democratic candidate for district attorney.

Maloney has 15 years of both criminal and civil experience, and she has the skills to manage other busy prosecutors. In addition, she has extensive experience as a trial prosecutor in Portland, Ore., and as an assistant attorney general here in Maine.

The focus solely on trial experience, however, misguides voters from the duties and obligations of the district attorney.

Maloney has worked on the state budget for the Judiciary. She has a vision for changes in the office and a plan on how to increase community safety while decreasing costs.

In a time when crime is rising and law enforcement budgets are being cut, Maloney has the experience to the lead the office of the district attorney in its important mission to protect the public.

Andrew Ketterer


Former Maine attorney general

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