Last February, I drove to Augusta to meet with legislators about upcoming education bills.

I stood outside the House chambers and spoke with several legislators about those bills. Yet when my own House member, Republican Rep. Susan Morissette, walked by, she refused to stop.

Other legislators talked with me, but the person representing me couldn’t be bothered. If she can’t even find the time to meet for a few minutes with her own constituent, what does that say about how Winslow is being represented?

That is why I am supporting Cathy Nadeau, Democratic candidate for Winslow’s House District 54. Nadeau is a supporter of public education. Nadeau believes that the state has the responsibility to support our public elementary and high schools, the community colleges and the University of Maine. Unlike Morissette, Nadeau will take the time to listen to those she will represent in Augusta.

Joyce Blakney


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