People who vote for Barack Obama may lose their rights to own guns. Criminals do not need guns to kill, but they may be the only ones to have them.

Many people of Maine have hunted since they became old enough to handle a gun. Hunting season brings a lot of money into the state. So we could lose a lot of money from out-of-state hunters, besides losing our right to hunt.

We have always enjoyed this right in Maine, and I believe Obama wants to take that away from us. We should think about the money and privileges we will lose if he is re-elected.

I hear many people say, “I am a Republican, I vote that way.” Or “I am a Democrat, I vote that way.”

We should vote for the person, whether he or she is a Republican or Democrat.

In my opinion, we need to fight for the rights afforded to us by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Shirley F. Sutherburg


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