If I had displayed the behavior exhibited by Vice President Joe Biden in the recent debate with Republican Paul Ryan to another person, my mother would have slapped me silly.

My father would have completed my “education” with enough straight talk that I wouldn’t have sat down for a week. Then again, they had a sense of honor.

Is this what passes for decorum as displayed by the person who holds the second highest office of our Republic? Is this how he acts during interactions with foreign dignitaries? No wonder the world at large hates us.

With idiotic behavior like his, in what was an opportunity for a serious discussion about the hurdles we face, solutions were the last thing on what is left of Biden’s mind.

Would we tolerate Biden’s behavior from our own child? Why would any intelligent person tolerate it from an administration that condones it? Is this what the left has embraced? Thugs who engage in school yard taunts and lies? No intelligent discussion in search of solutions, just juvenile behavior? Clint Eastwood was correct: Joe Biden is the intellect of the Democrat party.

People who enjoy watching our country devolve into the uncivilized behavior that led our founding fathers to create the United States in the first place then, by all means, should vote Democratic on Nov. 6. If, however, they would like to restore prosperity, dignity and strength to our nation, then the Mitt Romney/ Ryan Republican ticket is their only choice.

Jerry Bono


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