My experience with newspaper editors is that there is nothing they dislike more than having a theological dispute break out on the letters page.

These newspaper editors must like playing with fire, however, because they have now published two letters from my friend and fellow parishioner Pat Truman claiming that an organization I belong to — Maine Catholics for Marriage Equality — has no legitimacy.

While a response is obviously called for, a sense of compassion for groggy, coffee-sipping morning newspaper readers compels me to forgo a lengthy discourse about the limits of papal infallibility.

I will just say this: God has endowed everyone with minds and hearts — even us Catholics. He must be expecting us to use them.

God also gave us the insight that there is only one commandment that matters, the law of love.

So in the case of Question 1, the referendum on civil marriage for same-sex couples, our duty is to use our minds and hearts to figure which way of voting most promotes love, fidelity and community among our neighbors, friends and family.

I, and many other Maine Catholics, have decided that a yes vote is a vote for love.

And we’ll be back at Mass the Sunday after the election with a clear conscience.

Frank O’Hara


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