President Barack Obama is the first of either party to initiate a trade case against China and its lawless trade policies.

This is the way forward. The president’s initiating a trade case allows us to fight for our manufacturing jobs here in the United States before they are shipped overseas.

Make no mistake: We are in a war to keep good-paying manufacturing jobs here in America.

The Obama administration has been aggressively pushing the World Trade Organization to hold China accountable for violating trade laws on auto manufacturing. All the while, Mitt Romney has been earning millions on selling our jobs overseas.

President Obama’s work has resulted in job opportunities for us here in New England as he fought China on coated free sheet paper, steel, tires and now auto and auto parts.

I believe one of the most critical question that Americans need to ask is: Who stands to make millions, maybe billions, of dollars on shipping our jobs overseas, Obama or Romney?

Bruce Bryant


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