If it is OK to deny equal marriage rights to gays, then it also may be OK to deny rights to any other category a voting majority has identified.

We now can marry at will if we are tall, criminal, bigoted, racist, unemployed, depraved, sociopathic, a lawyer, an investment banker, divorced five times, bored, boring, faithless, insincere, irresponsible, inept or lazy, almost anything but gay.

Today we single out gays, but tomorrow we might select bigots, liberals or religious fanatics. That must not be.

The American antidote for oppression and discrimination always has been equality and freedom, but the only real guarantee of freedom for any of us is freedom for all of us. The answers to questions of political and civil rights in the United States have always been, and hopefully always will be, equality, justice and freedom.

People who believe we are the land of the free and that the pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right should vote yes on Question 1.

Joe Edwards


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