I don’t remember a time in my life more frightening than the last four years. This country is divided in more ways than I can count.

If it is true that the head of an organization is ultimately responsible for what goes on beneath him, our president must take blame for what has happened on his watch.

Our debt is staggering, successful people are demonized, our credibility around the world is in question, joblessness rates remain too high, laws are not being enforced, states are suing the government and vice versa, and our representatives and service men and women around the world are being killed while Congress is gridlocked and accomplishes nothing. Chaos reigns.

Gov. Mitt Romney, in the first presidential debate, showed himself to be the equal of the president with his knowledge about the issues, a clear plan to help stabilize our ailing economy and the ability to work with all members of Congress to move us toward a better future for our country.

I believe, that night, we saw the real Romney: a proven leader and man of substance, and the real President Barack Obama: An empty vessel.

Soon we will use one of the most powerful tools our country offers its citizens: The freedom to vote as we choose. It is a freedom we should take seriously and use wisely.

We have candidates with two different visions for this country, one with limited government, the other with a government becoming increasingly intrusive in our lives. Our forbears fought too hard throughout our history to have the latter.

The country gave Obama a chance. Now let’s give a proven leader with a successful business background a chance, for, though Obama may be a community organizer, a leader he is not.

Alice Flagg


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