Amy Sylvester, Democratic candidate for House District 55 (China, Albion and Benton) is bright, energetic and thoughtful.

I strongly urge others to join me in voting for her. It is an opportunity to have fresh ideas and strong representation.

Sylvester has the strength of character to stand up for our community and all citizens, with integrity. Having grown up here, she knows the community and our needs.

Unfortunately, our Republican Rep. H. David Cotta is an absentee landlord acting as a puppet for his party; showing no integrity, strength of character to accomplish anything for the community or be responsive.

I have tried contacting him numerous times and have never gotten a response. Maybe he looks at party enrollment before he responds?

It is time for a change in leadership for our communities. I encourage everyone to vote Sylvester. I am proud to stay that I already have done so.

John Soifer

South China

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