President Barack Obama’s qualities seem to include 125 days of playing golf, which is equal to five weeks of working days per year, and politicking with David Letterman and “The View.”

He’s spent very little time doing the job we elected him for, particularly in this past year. Perhaps President Obama should have been meeting with others regarding the crisis that he calls “a bump in the road.” In the meantime, the lives of four diplomats were lost.

People were taken hostage. President Jimmy Carter lost the election. President Richard Nixon was threatened with jail and impeached for telling a lie about peeking at the Democrats’ books.

We have become so accustomed to lies. The president’s word appears to have no meaning. He told us he would not run for another term if he did not turn the economy around. He also said his administration would have utmost transparency.

As far as health care goes, 2,500 pages were written in a back room, with no collaboration from Republicans. The president has no business experience. He approved $500 million loan to Solyndra and $70 million to another company in Colorado that also went belly-up.

How many times have we asked to see Gov. Mitt Romney’s tax record to check the islands he’s sent his investments to, saving money to give to his church and to people and other charities? He attempted to keep these donations secret.

It would be enlightening if you checked on the president’s and vice president’s charitable donations. Vice President Joe Biden gives two-tenths of 1 percent of his income to charity.

This has been a very nasty election. Maybe it’s time for a change.

Duke Dulac


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