It is the thick of the campaign season and negative political material is flooding into our mailboxes, in spite of candidates’ efforts to present their views of a promising future for Maine.

Sent by the state parties, advocacy groups and PACs, these mailers are sharp and outlandish attacks on candidates and incumbents. They poison discussions and overshadow candidates’ efforts to communicate with voters.

The Maine Republican Party began mailings in August against both of us and the “arms race” has continued, with the Maine Democratic Party also sending attack mailers.

Let us be very clear: We do not condone these mailings and have requested to party leaders that they stop.

We are working very hard to mount positive campaigns about issues and differences in policy with opponents. Ultimately, campaigns are won on voters’ doorsteps, their kitchens, in conversations about their families’ hopes and challenges. That’s where you will find us.

Lisa Miller of Somerville, Democratic candidate, House District 52

Sen. Chris Johnson, D-Somerville, District 20

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