Our ancestors instituted the United States Constitution as a means of ensuring personal liberty. They realized that this document was not perfect but they set it as the cornerstone of our government in the hands of “We The People.”

Since then, the document has been perverted and subverted by people in positions who are required to take an oath to protect and defend it from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Corporations were seen at the time a necessary evil that should be regulated by the state in which the corporation held its charter. Charters were readily dissolved at the time and the boards of those corporations were liable for any damages that they caused.

Corporated personhood has been the engine of the majority of this perversion. Greed is responsible for the rest. Our Supreme Court recently added to this perversion with the Citizens United decision.

A corporation is an entity that is established on paper, not a person, yet in the late 1900s the false idea began to get its support within our government. It fueled the ideology that lead to our involvement in all wars and conflicts since.

“War Is a Racket,” written by Smedley D. Butler, a recipient of two Medals of Honor, explains the complexities of the corporate and profit motives of war. It is a vehicle by which a few can realize profits of 10 percent to 1,000 percent greater than what is possible with peace.

We now have a government run by sponsors of corporatism. It has been taken away from “We The People.” It owns the leadership of our two parties who place candidates that serve corporatism over their oaths of office.

Timothy Bickford


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