No one likes to pay taxes, but taxes pay for plowing our roads, educating our children and making our streets and neighborhoods safe.

The tax cut (unpaid for) passed last year by the Legislature favors the wealthiest Mainers.

That’s not me.

I am voting for Patsy Crockett, Democratic candidate for House District 57, because she understands we all use roads, send children to school and want police protection. She will make sure that all working families don’t pay more for those services than someone who makes a lot more money. Fair is fair. Crockett knows that.

Crockett has worked here, raised her family here and volunteered in many ways. Crockett is one of us.

Crockett knows what good values, hard work and concern for the working families in Augusta are. I urge others to join me and vote to send Crockett back to the State House this November.

Maryanne Prince


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