I am writing in regards to an outstanding individual, Republican William Guerrette III.

Our representatives need three important traits to be successful and effective leaders: integrity, perseverance and work ethic. Over many years, Guerrette has proven to have these traits.

First, I have watched him on countless occasions do the right thing, at detriment to himself, because it was right. He will always maintain his integrity without fail.

Secondly, Guerrette has persevered through a great many challenges that have affected both his family and him personally with the grace and class that we can all only hope to emulate.

Lastly, I have witnessed Guerrette work from the early hours of the morning until very late at night providing service to family, friends and community, while maintaining his responsibilities as husband and father.

Residents of District 79 would be lucky to have him as their representative.

Camille Thayer

West Gardiner

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