I have served on community boards with both candidates for House District 85, Democrat Jeff McCabe and Republican Donald Skillings.

This election has been a difficult choice for me since both are family men, sportsmen and active members of our community.

Last election, I supported McCabe over the Republican candidate because of my family values; this year, Skillings has my family values and fiscal matters covered.

Skillings is the type of person of character that I would trust to raise my kids, and Skillings would certainly be the man to count my money over McCabe, the balance would be real. Skillings wouldn’t try to replace a good parking lot and pass the debt onto my kids.

As a 20-year board member, successful businessman and job creator, Skillings is much wiser with money. Our government is broken, and McCabe isn’t helping to fix it. My vote is for Skillings.

Harvey Austin


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