I have talked with Jeff McCabe, D-District 85, frequently about regulations affecting my business and health care issues.

McCabe understands complex issues and their impact on those of us living in Skowhegan. He listens to varied viewpoints, working hard to represent all the people. He supports fairness and respects honesty.

McCabe is at home leading bipartisan compromises, supporting local agriculture, running a chainsaw, guiding a canoe or rafting trip, standing up for the middle class, being a good neighbor and, most importantly, being a husband and father.

Ensuring a healthy, vibrant Skowhegan for our children means voting the issues, not party line.

He supports job creation and has a track record of siding with people over big insurance. McCabe works for real reforms to health insurance and taxes and for a strong economy and healthy population for everyone.

I hope others join me in supporting McCabe for re-election.

Michael Lambke


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