Voting yes on Question 1 is a very important aspect of living in the United States. This is all about “equality.”

There are people whose man-written Bible tells them certain things in life are good for them. If that helps them in life, all the better.

It does not change my life at all. I am a taxpaying citizen like they are. I live by the law like they do. I am just as good a person as they are. I am gay.

I got married in 2004 in Massachu-setts, where I had the same equal rights as they do. This is all about equality, and marriage is a part of equality. So are tax breaks and legal rights.

I choose to live in the fine state of Maine, but I do not have the same equal rights as they do. Hopefully, a majority of voters will vote yes on Question 1 in November.

Gay marriage will become marriage. Equality will be statewide. Other people’s lives will not change because of my marital status, and their lives didn’t change when I married in 2004.


No one truly understands discrimination until they live it. Hopefully, I and others will have the chance to experience full equality in any and all of the United States of America.

If the Maine question does not pass, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes federal law.

Craig Flood

North Vassalboro

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