I have known Don Skillings, Republican candidate for House District 85, for 13 years, both personally and professionally.

While he coached Skowhegan ice hockey, I saw how willing he was to sacrifice his own time for the benefit of his players.

When my father passed away unexpectedly, Skillings went far beyond simple condolences, taking steps to help guide me in positive directions. His mentorship through college and in business has been invaluable to me.

Moreover, the two businesses that he and his wife Kate have run successfully in Skowhegan are also evidence of his practical abilities, always balancing the needs of customers and employees while keeping his business strong.

This is no easy task and I have implicit respect for anyone that invests so confidently in our community. Skillings’ character and experience is what we need most in Augusta, and I am happy to give Skillings my enthusiastic support.

Peter Carrier


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