John Edwards pulled the rug out from under the supporters who had backed his run for the presidency in 2008 when the scandal about a mistress and illegitimate child hit the news.

We’re sure those die-hard supporters had no idea that while his wife was suffering from the breast cancer that would eventually kill her, he was fathering a child with another woman.

They also probably didn’t know they were giving unqualified support to a man who had persuaded a campaign aide to claim he had fathered the child.

My, how messy politics can get when you link your name to an unknown quantity.

That lesson hit even closer to home this fall when a Missouri candidate for U.S. Senate made an outlandish remark about women being immune from pregnancy in cases of “legitimate rape.”

If you check websites for campaign donations, you’ll see the names of people and organizations that donated to their campaigns, people and organizations that probably right about now are wondering how well spent that money was.

The question we all have to ask before unequivocally supporting a candidate or making a donation is: Do we know where each candidate really stands?

— Harrison Daily Times, Arkansas, Oct. 11

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