Integrity, principles, leadership, fairness, fiscal responsibility and always asking, “What’s the right thing to do?” are the qualities I’ve seen in Angus King.

I worked with King for eight years, and the man the public saw is the same one I saw every day.

Under his leadership, 1.6 million acres were conserved through purchase or conservation easements that prohibited development. He sought to protect private property rights through willing sellers and willing buyers, not by the state taking private land.

King supported the Land for Maine’s Future Program and directed the conserved land to be available for traditional outdoor activities, as well as the jobs that forestry brings.

King personally initiated certification for the state’s Public Reserve lands. Thus, our public lands were the first simultaneously dual certified state forest in the nation.

From my perspective, King is a practical conservationist in the mold of President Teddy Roosevelt.


Ron Lovaglio


Former commissioner

Maine Department of Conservation

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